Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Festivities

Let the fun begin.  We (I) carved 3 pumpkins, decorated a trunk, made goodie bags,  and trunk or treated to start off the weekend.  The kids had lots of fun, and they all picked a perfect pumpkin for their personalities.  Spooky for Crazy #1, silly/happy for Crazy #2, and well I pick an easy design for Crazy #3.  The boys actually did pretty well at carving.  I think they turned out pretty well.

 Then we headed off to trunk or treating.  The kids had a great time and showed off their new pumpkins.  Oh and Crazy #1 pooped in the parking lot.  Yep, once again he had to go potty almost as soon as we got there.  Great.  Luckily someone else had a portable potty seat to use.  An of course, he was in a costume which he had to get all the way out of to go, so he was out for the whole world to see.  And of course, it's never a quick process for that one.  Hahaha!  But a fun time for all.  I'm tired!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Guess Who Came to Visit

Ted E. Bear has come to hang out with Crazy#2. Crazy #1 is determined that Ted likes him better and had more fun when he brought him home. I told him to be nice. Ha!

Crazy #2 is pretty excited about having his special friend here. He is loving all Ted's stuff.

Monday, October 4, 2010

PCS - It's a serious disease

So yep all photographers dearly wish to have amazing photos of their children to hang on their walls and adorn those beautiful albums. Alas, these poor children are constantly forced to look at the camera, move to better light, skooch away from that background (mama needs some bokeh), or wait while Mommy changes lenses to capture that perfect vision in her head. Hence these children can quickly come down with a bad case of Photographer's Child Syndrome (PCS).

I'm pretty sure Crazy #1 is seriously contemplating whacking me with that stick in this moment. Ha! Meanwhile my reflector holder (Crazy #2) had left his station - I thought that giving him a job would keep him busy. It didn't work! Crazy #3 crawled out of the stroller and found a small mud puddle to walk/jump in in her brand new dress and shoes. And no I didn't get pics of that. I was to frustrated at the time to just take some fun snaps and enjoy them later. But here is the one keeper from the night.

Not the keeper I was hoping for, but a keeper none the less. And poor sweetness is riddled with mosquito bites because I didn't have spray, and I was determined to get some decent shots.