Thursday, April 30, 2009


CVS - $1.05 OOP
I am always excited about kids toothbraushes and 3M hooks. I use those for hanging Christmas stuff. I also got a rebate for Sargento finishers in the mail that day.
3 Aveeno Positively Ageless - $8.99 ea
6 3M hooks - $2.50 wa
2 Zooth toothbrushes - 1.99 ea
-$10 Aveeno MQ
-(6) $2.50 3M MQ
-BOGO Zooth MQ ($1.99)
-14.99 ECB from last week
-$3 off $15 CVS Q
=$1.05 Out of Pocket
Got $17 Extra Care Bucks Back ($10 Aveeno, $5 3M, $2 Zooth)
Walgreens - $11.77 OOP
I started the week off with a quick trip to Walgreens, but I made the mistake of taking my 4 yr old. There is nothing quick about that. I got the wrong neosporin, but didn't realize until I got home. I never made it back to exchange it. I was upset that I didn't check my receipt before I left, but oh well - I guess it's okay to pay a little out of pocket once in a while. :)
2 Bandaid - $3
1 Neosporin - $8.99
1 Rembrandt toothpaste - 5.99
1 Nivea Body Wash - $4.99
-$8 RR from last week
-(2) $1 Bandaid MQ
- $1 Neosporin MQ
- $1 Nivea MQ
=$11.77 out of pocket (Aaargh! - way too high)
Got $15 in register rewards back ($6 - Rembrandt, $5 - Nivea, & $4 Bandaid/Neosporin)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh How Things Change

Tonight at dinner Pretty Boy told me to slow down it was going to be okay. You see I have taken to eating my dinner in about 2 seconds. It's funny because when we met, we were students in Germany in a study abroad. Each day we would share our food. We would buy stuff to make sandwiches and usually a salad from the deli. He would always make his sandwich first, and then before I could even finish making my sandwich, he would have eaten the entire salad. Obviously, I was blinded by love. Ha! Now, however, I barely sit down for my meal, and most of that time is spent feeding Sweetness or cutting up one of the Crazys' food. I can't believe that I can inhale a cheeseburger in 3 bites, but things... they do change.
I was never a girly, girl. I don't really think that was because I didn't want to be as much as it was because I didn't know how to be. I was always the "smart" girl. I was good at math and science. I was often one of the few girls in my classes. Then I went on to study engineering with tons of guys. When I went to work, there was one other woman in the building. I honestly didn't know about the girly world. Then I had a little girl and oh how things changed.
Pretty Boy knew that I wanted a little girl and that I thought the girl clothes were cute, but little did he know the obsessiveness that would come. The complete desire to dress Sweetness up in cute hot pink dresses and hairbows. Oh yes, I've been desperate to get her into hairbows, so when I got these new clips from Blair Claire through the Praying for Stellan project, I was so excited because they actually stuck in her hair. Of course, now I'm paranoid that it will be a choking hazard. However, I think it is okay for a few picture opportunities. :)
I mean can you really blame me for the girliness? I have been living with boys who dress like this. (Of course, I'm a little prejudiced. I think these shirts are cute because they painted them themselves.) Normally the boys pick out the ugliest shirt in the drawer and then insist on a pair of shorts that in no way matches the top. Boys!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Breaking a habit can be so hard. We have cut off t.v. for Crazy #1. Yes, all t.v. Today was day 4. Surprisingly, he hasn't thrown a tantrum about the change. He asks each day at Crazy #2's naptime if I will turn on his show, but I just say, "No, we're not watching t.v." I then tell him that he has to play quietly while I put the other kids down for their naps. He has played and waited for me to come back down. I'm so impressed.

I have tried to do an activity with him each day like baking cookies or special reading of books. I love him so much, and I've been missing out on spending time with him. I've been using the t.v. as a babysitter so that I could rest during naptimes. It was one thing when I was pregnant or right after Sweetness arrived, but it's been 6 months. Soon Crazy #1 will be starting Kindergarten, and I won't have the time with just him. I don't want to miss an opportunity to get to know him and teach him because I'm too tired to be a good mom. I've made a decision to start making sure that I enjoy these last few months with him before he starts school. I can't have this time back.

Just in the 4 days, Crazy #1 has changed. He's been, well, less crazy. He just needs our attention. He always seems to be left out. We are constantly pushing him to be more independent and get more things for himself. Even though I still think we have to do those things because he is getting old enough to have more responsiblity, we have got to start making a effort to give him special time.

Funny how easy breaking Crazy #1's addiction has been, but I still can't go through the day without my beloved Dr. Pepper. In fact Pretty Boy just handed me his "Runner's World" with a quote from someone talking about giving up Dr. Pepper when he realized that he had to run a mile to burn off one can. Maybe I'll attack that addiction next week. One step at a time, right?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Super Savings

I made stops at Krogers, Target, and HEB this week. I had a lot of coupons mailed to me from HEB for freebies and high dollar off. There were several deals on meat also. I stocked up. As you can see Crazy #2 is very excited about the pasta. It's not the cheapest, but I am so glad that we are able to get treats like that because of coupons and sales.
I spent $66.26 for all this which is more than 50% off. It amazes me that I started all this in the hope of staying under $100/week. Now that seems like so much money to spend per week. I am so thankful for learning about couponing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sweetness is 6 months old

I can't believe you are already 6 months old. The time is going by way to fast. You have become a plump little ball of joy. You are soooo laid back. I hope you stay that way for awhile.
Of course, I would like for you to have some of spunk too. Or as Daddy would say, "Be onry like your Mama." You've gotta keep 'em hopping.
We have a lot of boys to keep in line in this household. I have no doubt that you are going to be a tough little gal. I'm sure you will be ordering those boys around in no time. The funny thing is that I think they will listen to you. Crazy #1 and Crazy #2 adore you. They may be rough, but there really is love in those bear hugs.
Mommy and Daddy adore you too. You are such a blessing!!! Happy 6 month!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mine, Mine, Mine...

There is nothing like sibling rivalry. I'm an only child, so I don't really get it. The constant need to outdo your brother. I think it is worse when you are the same sex. My boys can make each other madder than anyone else could.
As a mom, it is so hard to know when to step in and break things up. They can be wrestling and jumping on each other all while laughing and having a great time. Then Crazy #1 will start screaming and crying and pummeling his brother because Crazy #2 said that a toy was blue, but it is really yellow. Why on earth would that cause you to go "crazy" all of the second. I mean, "WHO CARES?", but somehow it all matters.

I worry that they won't be close as they grow older. I told Pretty Boy that I think that Sweetness will help keep them together as they grow older. They have a little sister to look after and protect, and that is easier done together. Pretty Boy came home and told me that there was a new study that said siblings are closer and happier if they have a sister. I told you so! Ha!
That is one of my biggest prayers - that the three of them will stay close as they age and that they will be there for each other even if we can't be. I want them to be there for each other as they go through rough patches. I want to know that they will have someone else with similar morals and a strong sense of God's will to consult. I know they are more likely to go to each other than tell their parents everything. I hope that the boys will be each others best men, and that they will give their sisters boyfriends the once over before even letting them in the door.
What do rice cakes have to do with all this?
Rice cakes are a coveted item in this house. You see - Crazy #1 is holding his bag shut to make sure that his brother doesn't take a single rice cake. I pray that one day they will even be able to share those beloved cheesy snacks.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Savings

I got all this food for $43.30. I had some last minute additions for guests to added to my total. The rice cakes, steamfresh veggies, Kashi frozen meal, and deodorant were all free. I went to a different Kroger store today. It was stocked so much better than the store that I normally shop at. I think I may have to start going the extra distance to get better deals. Lots more mark-downs too. I'm still amazed by how much I'm able to get for my money. I did do some other shopping at WAGS and CVS.

I got great deals at a garage sale. I got all these clothes for $8. They are in great conditions and really cute. 1 boys pant, 3 boys shorts, 1 boys shirt, 2 dresses, and 1 (very cute) girls shorts. The clothes are way to big for Sweetness right now, but I know se will grow into them. I love buying clothes for years to come.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

Crazy #2 has become crazy about "Moo Cows." There is a pasture just beyond our street where the cows sometimes feed. Sometimes they are even on our street. Mommy wouldn't let the boys go down there for a while after spotting a bull on our street. I keep telling Pretty Boy that we are living in the country as he dreams of having a little house in the country one day. He's not buying it. But back to Crazy #2...
I think he would be a great Cowboy. He has a wonderful gentleness about him. I could see him caring for a sick animal. Yet, he also has a tough rugginess about him. The kind where they run into walls for no reason. He would be great working horses over and fixing things on the ranch.

Just look at him looking out over his herd.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WAGS and CVS plus a new battery stop

Look at those pretty blue eyes. She is so sweet. We had a long day with a dead battery. She barely got one nap today, but she still lets me take pics and try out new things with her. Such a good sport. We drove around after the battery was replaced trying to find great places to take pics. I think I found a few to try out.

I went by walgreens again for deodorant. I picked up chapstick and ponytail holders too. Can't ever have to many of those.
4 Dove Deodorant Trial Size = 4 x 99c
2 Degree Deodorant Trial Size = 2 x 99c
Chapstick Naturals = 1.99
Scunci 18 pk. =2
-(2) 75c Degree deodorant Q
-7.50 Register Rewards from other weeks
OOP = $1
RR Earned = $10 ($6 Dove, $2 Chapstick, $2 Scunci)
I dropped by CVS for Softsoap, Sobe and Colgate. They were out of toothpaste and toothbrushes, but the manager was very nice and he even helped jumpstart my car.
Softsoap Scrub $4.99
4 Sobe Lifewater B1G1
-(2) B1G1 SobeLifewater Q
OOP = 4.99
ECB's Earned - 4.99

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Think We Have a Fisher

I think we have a fisher. Little Crazy #2 spent all day casting his fishing rod in the yard. He likes to cast into the trees. Then he turns around, and says, "Mama - stuck". His fishing line is so wound up because he swirls the rod as he reels in. I spend a lot of time detangling fishing line, but he is so precious I just keep fixing it. He is very focused on his task. I just added this pic because I think it is the best photo of all three kids we have every gottern. It is so hard to get three kids in one shot to all look normal. There is usually at least one who is looking goofy. Plus I just love the idea of having the classic Texas bluebonnets picture. I'm so glad that all my babies were born in the great state of Texas.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Holidays are Long for Mommies

Today was a holiday from school for the Monday after Easter, so all the kids were home. We stayed busy with playgroup and legos, but man, am I tired! Plus Sweetness is learning to sleep through the night which is not going well, so I'm really missing a lot of sleep.

We have an exciting day planned tomorrow, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. I love when the house is full.

Here are some pics from Easter too. I love seeing the kids all dressed up. The boys looked so handsome, and I absolutely loved having a little baby girl to dress in her first Easter dress. Girly things make me so happy. I'm not ready for her to have an opinion about fashion. Ha!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

WAGS Trip 4/12/09

2.79 - 2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners (BOGO)
2.00 - 18 pk Scunci Elastics
3.29 - Colgate Max Toothbrush
-50c Lysol
-75c Colgate
-3.50 RR

3.70 = Total OOP

5.50 = RR received
$2 for Scunci
$3.50 for Colgate

Legos May Be The Answer

The Easter Bunny brought Crazy #1 a Legos set, and he played with them all day. All morning before church and all afternoon even some during his allotted t.v. time. He was such a well-behaved boy today. I think this may be the outlet we have been searching for. He was able to stay mentally active for hours. He needs that.

I have been praying for guidance to help me control his outbursts, and find a way to keep him entertained and stimulated during the day. This was a wonderful day. It reminds of when we discovered Playdoh (around age 2). He would sit and play - something he had never done before. I pray that this continues and that we are able to find some more activities for him especially as we approach the summertime.