Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Think We Have a Fisher

I think we have a fisher. Little Crazy #2 spent all day casting his fishing rod in the yard. He likes to cast into the trees. Then he turns around, and says, "Mama - stuck". His fishing line is so wound up because he swirls the rod as he reels in. I spend a lot of time detangling fishing line, but he is so precious I just keep fixing it. He is very focused on his task. I just added this pic because I think it is the best photo of all three kids we have every gottern. It is so hard to get three kids in one shot to all look normal. There is usually at least one who is looking goofy. Plus I just love the idea of having the classic Texas bluebonnets picture. I'm so glad that all my babies were born in the great state of Texas.

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