Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh How Things Change

Tonight at dinner Pretty Boy told me to slow down it was going to be okay. You see I have taken to eating my dinner in about 2 seconds. It's funny because when we met, we were students in Germany in a study abroad. Each day we would share our food. We would buy stuff to make sandwiches and usually a salad from the deli. He would always make his sandwich first, and then before I could even finish making my sandwich, he would have eaten the entire salad. Obviously, I was blinded by love. Ha! Now, however, I barely sit down for my meal, and most of that time is spent feeding Sweetness or cutting up one of the Crazys' food. I can't believe that I can inhale a cheeseburger in 3 bites, but things... they do change.
I was never a girly, girl. I don't really think that was because I didn't want to be as much as it was because I didn't know how to be. I was always the "smart" girl. I was good at math and science. I was often one of the few girls in my classes. Then I went on to study engineering with tons of guys. When I went to work, there was one other woman in the building. I honestly didn't know about the girly world. Then I had a little girl and oh how things changed.
Pretty Boy knew that I wanted a little girl and that I thought the girl clothes were cute, but little did he know the obsessiveness that would come. The complete desire to dress Sweetness up in cute hot pink dresses and hairbows. Oh yes, I've been desperate to get her into hairbows, so when I got these new clips from Blair Claire through the Praying for Stellan project, I was so excited because they actually stuck in her hair. Of course, now I'm paranoid that it will be a choking hazard. However, I think it is okay for a few picture opportunities. :)
I mean can you really blame me for the girliness? I have been living with boys who dress like this. (Of course, I'm a little prejudiced. I think these shirts are cute because they painted them themselves.) Normally the boys pick out the ugliest shirt in the drawer and then insist on a pair of shorts that in no way matches the top. Boys!

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