Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Marble Jar is Full!

Crazy #2 finally filled up his marble jar last night.  It just took one dishwasher to unload and 2 bins to fill.  So that meant a trip to Target was in order.  He has worked hard to earn those marbles and that money, and he knew just what he was going to get.  Although he was hoping for more accessories to come with it.

Meet the newest member of our family.  He is the King of the Zhu Zhu pets or so I'm told.

However, we need another one so that they can battle.  He is such a boy.  He also needs battle armor and an arena for said battles to occur.  :)  I told Crazy #1 that they were on sale this week, and that he better hurry up and earn some marbles this week so that he could get one too, but he really doesn't like doing chores.  Yea, and I do!  Crazy #2 has already told me that he isn't going to fill up his jar again.  He is just going to get his other stuff at Christmas.  At least, he has a plan.

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