Friday, April 29, 2011

"Best Day Ever"

Big day today!  Crazy #1 lost his first tooth at school.  He was so excited.  He really wants that money although the inquisitive boy also really wants to catch the tooth fairy in action.  He was having a major debate about whether to put the tooth pillow on the edge where the tooth fairy could find it or hide so he can catch her.  Love that boy.  So the tooth fairy is waiting him out.  Tooth fairy also had to make a trip to the ATM as she was not prepared for tooth payments tonight. 

Then on to Boy Scouts for the evening.  It was crazy as always.  Crazy #1 got his soccer belt loop, and his den got to retire the colors at the end.  It was a big deal, and we parents were quite worried that they would whack someone in the head with those big flags.  But they did great.  I was so proud.  All the boys seemed to take it seriously probably because they had had so many adults yell at them that flag wasn't a toy and needed to be respected.  Seriously I thought I was the only one trying to drive home that point to get my child to behave, but I heard the same conversation several times throughout the evening.

Yay - they did so great, and this day got the "best day ever" award by Crazy #1. :)

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  1. Love it! I left too early, darn. That sure is a good lookin smile! Those scouts are doing a great job with the flags too.