Monday, July 6, 2009

How Low Can You Go

Yes, at first glance you might think Crazy #1 is about to whack his brother, and that could very well be true. However, in this rare instance, they are actually playing together. Big brother is teaching Crazy #2 how to Limbo, complete with his own rendition of "How Low Can You Go".
And Sweetness says, "How did I end up in this crowd?" Don't you think she has perfected the look of disgust for the Crazies?
Now a note to my mother - I hear that I am in trouble for not telling you that Grammy has a new boyfriend. First off, it is her P90x boyfriend. (Google it.) Secondly, I have made a blog to keep you apprised of the events in our lives, so you better be reading this. Ha! Because last time I checked you weren't. :)


  1. Grammy is reading every day so I can get my fix of the wobbly weibels. I love all the pics and stories, keep up the good work........ Now I have to get with my "boyfriend" and work it......

  2. Ok - I thought he was a boyfriend. Now I know that he is her video workout boyfriend. It's going to take me a long time to live this one down. I do read your blog but not everyday, I guess I will have to start now that you are posting more stories and pictures of the kids, I love their wonderful expressions. Where did Gary learn to Limbo? Love, Mother