Thursday, July 23, 2009

Look Ma No Hands

Sweetness turned 9 months today. Nine months that have gone by very fast. You are a sweet little girl who is becoming very active and tough. Crazy #1 tells everyone that your superpower in that you are supertough, and it's true. You have 8 teeth now - 4 up top and 4 on bottom. You are loving your leapfrog table and your weebles (and the dogfood, aaargh). You are still pretty quiet, but you like to laugh at your brothers (at least when they are sitting on or kicking you). I'm so sorry for all the pain you endure, but they love you.
By the way, we adore you too. Each morning is made brighter when I enter your room and see that big smile. I spend everyday thanking God for letting us be your parents. I'm so glad you are part of my life. As much as I miss my sleep, I love holding you and rocking you each night (many, many times). I love that you are a Mama's girl too. You will crawl over, and climb my legs till I pick you up. You definitely do not like it if I leave the room or even if you feel that I am too far away (i.e. Daddy feeds you and I sit across the table).
Yes, I love girlying you up. All the boys know about bows and pink and purple dresses. Just look at that smile. If it doesn't give you warm fuzzies, something is wrong.
And just to top off your 9 month birthday, you decided to stand on your own. (I LOVE those thighs!!!) You go girl!


  1. I think she's ready to exercise with Gram from looking at some of her postures. I do that last one with all my workouts. Can't wait to get a hold of her. Yes they do grow up way too fast, but you love them more every day. Hard to imagine that you could love them more, but it happens. So did you have that camera surgically attached, hope so, sure love all the updates.

  2. Yes, we were laughing at her squat stance too. The camera is always close by. She is very excited about her new skill. We were tired just watching her.