Sunday, December 26, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy - It's that time of year

The Christmas holidays are always pretty hectic.  Lots of activities and program and functions.  It is nice to finally start to slow down and take a break.  So here's to a large post with lots of pics. :) 

 First up, Crazy #1's winter party.  I got to organize and plan the party for his class.  The big hit was the paper bag snowmen.  They were a little difficult and time-consuming though, but very cute.  He had fun and was really glad I was there with him (especially without the other crazies).
 Then on to Crazy #2's Christmas program.  He was so stinkin' cute in his 4th of July tank top.  He sang more than any of our kids ever have.  They usually aren't too into that sort of thing, but he did great.
 He really loved the stick when those came out.  It was all smiles. :)
  Happy boy!
 We had to make cookies for Santa, so we baked up some sugar cookies.  The boys made quite the mess, and then they had a roller battle which I had to break up.  On a side note, I'm quite proud of myself because I actually made the cookies from scratch and even got them rolled out.  I have major rolling issues normally, but I was determined this time.  Yay - score one for the mama with the rolling pin.
 After Sweetness woke up from her nap it was time to decorate them.  There was a lot of icing and sprinkles to be had.  You can ignore Mt. Vesuvius in the background that looks like it may explode at anytime.  That's just the art center.  It explodes several times a day thanks to Crazies #2 & #3. 
 Notice all the little hands in the photos.  They were always stealing cookies.  :)  I think Santa will be enjoying them too.
 We headed to the Dickinson Festival of Lights too.  It was lots of fun, and we got there just before the crowd got too crazy.  The lights were beautiful.  The kids got run off some energy too from all that sugar (see above).
 So many lights.  It really is a great thing that the city does.
 Now it's time to set out cookies for Santa and write him a few notes.  We've got carrots for the reindeer and a bowl of water for them too.  Santa is getting some of those delicious cookies and chocolate milk.  Evidently that's his favorite.  Crazy #2 is giving Santa a little soemthing extra with his nose pickin', and Sweetness is her mother's daughter with her tongue out for concentration.  Ha!
 I love how intense they all are.  Crazy#1 is saying Thanks and asking what Rudolph looks like.  I think he is just testing Santa to see if he knows the answer.  He was very determined to catch Santa in the act and not go to sleep all night.  He still claims he never went to sleep.  Uh huh...
 Santa came anyway.  Despite Crazy#1's lack of sleep.  The boys were excited to get a sno-cone maker and a batman cave.  Sweetness got a stroller that she loves. 
 Then we tried out some of the new toys.  The sno-cones were a big hit.  Crazy #1 is even trying to start up a sno-cone stand to make some money.  Ha!  It was a good Christmas.  The crazies had a great time and we just enjoyed our time together.  Until next year...

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  1. Glad I got to be a part of all that fun. A joy not soon forgotten.