Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter in Texas Ain't Like Other Places

Yep, the kids had the hoses and supersoaker (provided by the neighbors who are into throwing their toys over the fence right now) out in full force right now at the beginning of December.  Crazy #2 shows his brains by coming out with the umbrella to protect form attacks.  Unfortunately, it didn't totally work out as planned.  You see there was an inside attack.

Sweetness got into the act too.  She found some trash in the yard, and she really did not like that yuckiness.  Can you believe she is in a diaper in December.  Weather was perfect until we were attacked by mosquitoes.  We are not supposed to have mosquitoes in December. :(

Then I came in to find this.  yep, that's my breadmaker.  Apparently, someone thought it was the perfect place to stash some magnets.

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  1. Well gee, you would think living in TX that there would be no downside. Come on up here, we have no mosquitos, but you sure can't run around in your underwear. I kind of like the magnet container, great way to multi-purpose the breadmaker. Save some of that warm weather for Gram, it's in the 20's here.