Friday, December 10, 2010

MOM = Grossest Job in the World

Seriously the grossest job in the world.  Today I got to start the process of collecting poop.  Oh lucky me.  And not just one time.  Oh no...  three days, non-consecutive filling 2 -4 vials per day.  I have to scrap and swirl poo.  Oh my lucky day!!!   Then I get the supreme pleasure of storing said poo in my refrigerator.  Yummy...  Anyone want to come over for dinner?  I thought not.

Crazy #2 was totally fascinated by the process and even told me that he liked the smell, but that he wouldn't eat it.  WHAT?!?!  One day down though.  I sure hope this leads us to some results.  Meanwhile, the ever patient Crazy#1 was yelling at me the whole time I was scrapping his poo because he wanted me to give his sister her breathing treatment.  She gets to watch t.v. while she does it, and the boys join in.  I told him I was a little busy, so of course, he thought of another easy task for me to complete while scrapping poo.  Obviously I should read to him while hunched over the poo.

You better get well boy!  You hear me!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Mom, he does look bad. Breaks my heart. Poop in the fridge, maybe I will not be there until.....when did you say this experiment will be concluded?