Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Check Out Those Lips

Look at those big gorgeous lips.
Oh, there they are again.
There is no doubt which side of the family those beautiful plump red lips came from. They come from their mama. I look at those precious babies and see only beauty, but flashback a few years to when I was a child/teenager. I was so embarrassed by the huge lips on my face. They were so different, and I couldn't wear lipstick like the other girls (little did I realize that was because I was already blessed with what the others wanted-bright red lips).
Every time I see a picture of Crazy #2 or Sweetness, I am reminded that I should be seeing myself differently. I don't get to quarrel with the potter as it were. God made me perfectly for his purposes. It is so easy for me to recognize that in my children - how each is made specially for a different purpose in life. I must also recognize that for my own life. Otherwise, I question God's sovereignty. I am amazed by how those little "big" lips always remind me that I am worthy because God made me. Thank you God for that little reminder.

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