Friday, May 1, 2009

ShowUs Where You Live - Kitchen

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show Us Where You Live Friday. She is starting with kitchens. I was a little scared at first because it made me actually realize how far out of hand the kitchen had gotten. What a mess! So I did some (really, a lot of) cleaning and took some pics.Here is the kitchen from the breakfast area. It isn't big, but it has nice cornertops and appliances. The butcher block so doesn't fit in the space, but I love it. I'm a Navy wife, and I figure it will fit in the next house. Right? I can't get rid of it. Plus the bin underneath is where all the dirty bibs and washclothes go from cleaning up little ones.
Here is the kitchen from the dining room. The cabinets are great (although not my favorite color) because they stretch all the way to the ceiling. I can get so much stuff in them, and I do love the kitchen gadgets.
Below is a chalkboard that I made from posterboard, chalkboard paint, and some molding. I love this chalkboard. I change it for the holidays and birthdays, but most of the time it says "Guten Essen." This reminds me of when I met my husband, and we were students on an study abroad in Germany. It means Good Eating or Enjoy your meal or Bon Apetit.
Here is my pantry. What a mess!
Here is my kitchen table. I absolutely love this table. I bought it just before we moved from our last house while Pretty Boy was on deployment. Crazy #1 and I assembly it. It was a fun project. Now I love this table for new reasons. It can really take a beating. I think it still looks great, and it has been through a lot. The dark color hides markers. The chairs are very heavy and very hard to tip over. I love this table even if it is too big for the space. I'm sure it will fit perfectly in the next house. Military wives can always look forward to their next house because we know we will be moving soon.
I used to be such a stickler about not having anything of the refridgerator. It is still pretty bare, but I can't live without this whiteboard now. I have Mommy brain, and I would never know what I have planned for meals or what was it the freezer or what I needed at the store. I love lists.
I still haven't figured out what to do with the area above my fridge. Pictures hung on the wall look funny because they are so far back. I think I need to layer some stuff. Maybe a basket or something. I don't know.

Although my kitchen may be smaller than I want and the cabinets may not be my favorite color, the memories that we make there are wonderful. My sweet little chefs and I love to cook here.


  1. Thanks for the tour...a nice home you have!

  2. Thanks for the tour! I am a stickler for the fridge thing too. I allow things on the sides...not the front! The sides are COVERED so I don't really know if I am that much of a stickler!!

  3. Your kitchen space is really nice. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am so very jealous of your pantry!!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  5. Thanks for your sweet words about my kitchen. Believe me, I had to clean a LOT. I really love your countertops, and how brave of you to show your pantry! I didn't dare open the pantry doors! I am so not organized! Good to meet you!

  6. I love your kitchen! Put a fake plant onto of your will bring a little color in and you don't have to water it so it will always look great!

  7. Hi Kathleen! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You have a beautiful family! And I love your dinner table. What a great color! Have a great weekend.

  8. Thank you for the tour! I am soooo envious of your pantry LOL! have a great week :)