Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On To Bigger and Better Things

It seems like just yesterday that we were making your first pb&j to put in that little "racey" car lunchbox. You loved school from day one. You amazed that first year with how much you learned. Then even more amazement followed the next year as you learned more and become a social little boy with all your little friends in school.

You were so little. Just look at the silly smile. My baby!

And now you have finished your last day of preschool. It just doesn't seem possible that you could be going into kindergarten next year.

I'm so proud of you and all the things you've learned this year. I'm most proud of the wonderful little boy that you have become. You love others, and you show them respect. I know you have bigger and better things to come, but for now, I just want to cuddle up with my baby boy and enjoy reading a book. Just remember you will always be Mama's baby. I love you so much. Thank you for the amazing joy you have brought into our lives.



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