Monday, June 22, 2009

“Let’s Hear It For The Boys!” Photo Challenge


I love this photo because it is all about mischief. I know that look on his face. He is up to no good.

What can I say? He is still a "boy" at heart. Showin' the kids how it's done.

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  1. Too cute! I wonder what is going through that little head of his! And your adult shot is great! Boys will be boys!!

  2. Oh my gosh CUTE! They look like they're BOTH up to no good!!!!! :) Love the black and white on your son. Super cute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet message... It looks like we have very similar interests...


  3. your processing on both of these images is so nice. what great shots!

  4. oh my goodness!! these are so much fun!! your boy does have that look, "hmm? what kind of trouble can I get into now?" and I had to LOL at that second one! That would so be my hubby!!!

  5. I love the adult entry. Reminds me of how fun adult men are!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cute shots! My entries for this week are up on my blog:

  7. They never do grow up, do they? :) The photo of your hubby is so much fun, and the one of your son is superb. I love the processing on it, and his expression is definitely ornery!

  8. Love them both! Your husband must somehow be related to mine - he's a big kid too! And I think all boys always have some plot hatching in their cute little heads! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too and leaving such a nice comment!