Saturday, June 6, 2009

Psst... I Have a Secret...

Identity that is. You see - we are a superhero family. That's right each and every one of us has a super power. Right down to baby Sweetness.

Obviously, it is in the genes. That's me in the Wonder Woman get-up and Pretty Boy in the Superman shirt. Crazy #1 is superhero crazy. His super powers include, but are not limited too being superfast and flying. (I'm a little scared of the second one. He asked if he could use our car window shade as a parachute yesterday.)

I don't think we have nailed down Crazy #2's super power yet, but Sweetness's power is to "fight the bad guys no matter what." Pretty impressive for a baby of only 7 months. Crazy #1 was quite offended when Papaw called her a "Princess". He informed Papaw that she was a superhero baby. We finally reconciled things by saying she could be both just like her mama, Wonder Woman. :) Daddy's power is to be "super strong" of course.

So here is the story of how you became a superhero. One day while Daddy was in Bahrain (a little embellishing there), we were in the mini-van. As we pulled out, there was a bunny in the neighbor's yard eating thier plants. You told me to roll down the window, and I did. You yelled "Fire!" at the bunny and scared him away. And that is how you became a superhero - or so you say. :)

Just remember my little superhero, that Mommy's super powers include Super Kisses that heal boo-boos and Super Love for all my superheros (and eyes-in-the-back-of-my-head). I love that you have included the whole family in your superhero fantasies. You are such a sweet, creative little boy. Now let's go fight some bad guys. Cha-Cha! Ka-Pow!

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